GALA Electronics

UAE: Italian transducer manufacturer Lavoce took the opportunity at the recent Prolight + Sound Middle East show to announce GALA PROAV as its new distribution partner for the UAE market. Lavoce first exhibited at the show in 2017 and according to Alex Kroworz, its EMEA sales manager, had been looking for the right partner for a while in the region.

‘I started talking to Sanjeev Singh at AVISS over a year ago and there was a very good chemistry and understanding of our brand and products,’ Kroworz explained. ‘When Sanjeev decided to launch GALA, which would be very focused on pro audio, plus his connections outside the Emirates, it seemed like a perfect fit.’

The Dubai-based distributor was founded in December 2018 and already counts ARX and flight case manufacturer Odyssey in its portfolio with plans to expand and take on more brands in the coming months. ‘Lavoce is a “one-of-a-kind” manufacturer,’ said GALA PROAV manager Rukshan ’Rukie’ Jumath. ‘They’ve got a great range of products and Alex has also given us excellent support. We’re expecting some good business development over the coming years.’