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ARX Systems debuts USB analogue interface

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ARX Systems has launched its USB DI-Q USB-Analogue interface, designed for interfacing and monitoring the playback of audio evidence files in courtroom environments and more.

The USB DI-Q allows users to monitor and cue audio files in a closed headphone environment, switching/enabling the audio output to a public address/sound system as needed. 

The interface can operate with USB equipped computers, including notebook computers, requiring no specialist drivers on Mac OSX, Windows XP, 7/8/10. 

A USB-A to USB-B cable is included, with a front panel including a playback volume control for headphone and XLR outputs, including an ‘enable audio to court’ switch and indicator LED. 

The rear panel has a type B USB input socket and LED status. A mono output LXR is provided with a Groundlift switch and a 6.5mm/ ¼-in headphone output socket. 


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